Information about ourTHV2 Ice Carving MachineTHV2

The only machine capable of carving perfect ice spheres in seconds

More than an ice sphereWhat can you do?

Operations Control

Our THV2 Ice Harvester features a 5″ display for easy and visual control and adjustment of all operations. From this device we can adjust and adapt the entire job with precision.

What is your cadence?

Our machine can be adjusted to a rate of 10 balls per minute, providing the fastest speed to date, with an extraordinary result. Obtaining crystalline ice balls as if it were glass.

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Find out in Vega21 all the details of this new THV2 Ice Carving model with which you can make ice spheres with a perfect finish.

As it does?this is how it works

What diameter are the spheres?

This ice carving machine can be configured to make spheres of almost any size at the customer’s request by simply changing the molding bits. Its recommended diameter is 40 to 65 mm in diameter.

Other general information of interest

The carving machine operates with ice blocks, which are drilled by our specially designed drills to form perfect spheres. Each new sphere is stored in special containers until its final consumption.

Know the characteristics of ourTHV2 Ice Carving Machine for Ice SpheresVega21

A machine designed exclusively by the VEGA21 team in Spain. A Perfect Ice Sphere.


Create spheres of the desired diameter between 40 and 60 mm

Work Level

With a speed of 10 ice spheres per minute

Quick Adjust

5" touch screen, for comfortable adjustments during work


With the guarantee and commissioning of VEGA21
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