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The history of our companyVega21

A company, a great team

In 1999, Alberto Vega founded Vega 21 Engineering and Machining. With a team of just over a dozen professionals from different areas of the sector, it has managed to consolidate today as a benchmark in the manufacture of machinery and technical solutions for the food sector, the automotive sector, among others. Its maxim is to offer each problem a full quality guarantee.

And so it was growing, VEGA21

Over the years, Vega 21 has joined alliances with the most representative companies in each sector, such as Grupo RENAULT, Grupo SIRO, INTRAME, Nestlé, among many others. Always offering a precise response to any need or solution for each of them.

During its beginnings, the research and development department was forged in Vega21, almost naturally, to bet on innovation in the sector, making R&D&i one of the fundamental pillars of the company.

In recent years, major projects have resulted in the development of innovative solutions such as the ice carving machine, unique on the market.

Customized solutions for our clients
Own and with unique advances in the market
Secure custom design response
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I have always wanted to run a company where each segment of it works perfectly, treating each problem as an opportunity for improvement and thus offering the highest quality to our customers, pursuing three clear ideas:
Direct and complete attention
Offer guaranteed solutions
With a strong load of innovation

Alberto Vega, People at Vega21